Our Link Page Advertising provides advertisers the ability to feature a one paragraph ad, along with links to their respective website or email address. Cost $99 per year.

Home Page [index page] Advertising, Listit Corp has a network of websites where advertisers can purchase ad space on the Home
Page of over 173 websites. Many of our websites have been published for over nine years and continue to receive above average daily traffic.

Our Vision

Listit Corp has been on the Net since 2007

Our Company specializes in providing free and low-cost services for the real estate industry. Whenever we research and secure, what we feel is, a valuable tool or service we publish them accross our entire network. One of the more valuable tools is our free real estate listing service at We also have a free classsified site at

Our Extended Vision
Listit Corp has plans to build and publish uniqe domains/websites for 30,000 Cities, Towns and Villiages in the USA. Having easy access to geographical information for the entire U.S. should become a valuable asset for all site visitors.